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Want to hire a talent, we have the best African talents in our community. Our trainees are equipped with in-demand tech skills and also equipped with soft skills and business skills. We have the best! Register your interest below and we would contact you shortly.

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Equip your workforce

  • Access to free soft skills training
  • 100% Instructor-led training
  • Mentorship 

We are looking for skilled individuals who are looking to be a part of our mission to equip African youths with in-demand digital and tech skills. Take advantage of this opportunity to contribute your skills, knowledge and be a member of our Instructor community.  

Learn an in-demand skill

Tech is the future of work. Learn an in-demand skill today and be equipped for the tech ecosystem. In addition, you would get trained in soft skills and entrepreneurship.

Build new networks

Get access to a community of like-minded individuals, build relationships and learn from each other.

Get Mentored

Get mentored by Industry experts during and after the program. This will ensure that you have enough guidance and knowledge to get into a tech role and build your portfolio.

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Over 10k Trained
99% Satisfaction
60+ Countries
% Completion rate

Success stories from previous trainees

CWW has given me a good opportunity to start a career in tech. I learnt more than I thought I would. I'm glad to be a beneficiary of CWW Tech Africa Cohort 1.0

Adeyemi Ameerah (Nigeria)
UI/UX Design Trainee CTA Cohort 1.0

The course was refreshing, interactive and interesting; a good mixture of practical and theory with enough time to discuss issues.

Gilbert Asumwisye (Tanzania)
Digital Marketing Trainee, CTA Cohort 1.0

It was an immense pleasure to test the skills acquired during the program, through the holistically conceived individual projects and I also enjoyed working with fellow trainees on group projects.

SONNA Mael (Cameroun)
Data Analysis Trainee, CTA Cohort 1.0

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CTA cohort program is Tuition-free. However acceptance fee for the program is ₦10,000 or 20$.

The duration depends on the program. We currently have 3 cohort-based programmes.

  • CTA Cohort programmes -Duration of program is 6 weeks
  • CTA Bootcamp – 4 weeks
  • CTA Soft skills training – 2 days

CWW Tech Africa programs are virtual training programs that allow all participants, regardless of location, to actively participate


To join any of our programs, click on “Apply as a trainee”  on any of our programmes at


CWW Tech Africa will contact all applicants through email in due course. All successful applicants will be notified

Yes, we encourage all students to apply.

No, certificate fee is ₦5000 or 10$ upon completion of the program.